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The International 8 Pubstomps Thread

View this thread for the most up to date pubstomp list! This thread is updated everyday! Organizers, you can create an account and publish your event on if you plan to sell tickets, $0 fees promo for organizers
I tried to look for a pubstomp thread but couldn't find one so here it is! Usually Reservoir_cat creates this one but I haven't been able to get in touch with him/her. Here's the old TI7 and TI6 pubstomp threads.
There are a couple of threads made to ask for surveys/feedback/how-tos about pubstomps, feel free to PM me because I've organized several pubstomps in the past and partnered with sponsors such as RedBull, Logitech, GameVox, AMD, etc. as well and can offer a few tips and tricks!
Comment below with the country, city and description for your pubstomp, it helps a lot to include a link for additional details.
Country City Description
Australia Brisbane Event Link - Tickets $20 before 18/08, $25 after. Food and Drinks provided, giveaways and 1v1 tournament as well. luberk
Australia Melbourne Event Link - One amazing guy has rented a cinema in Melbourne, Australia if you feel like joining us at 3am! priorax
Australia Sydney Event Link - The same amazing guy that rented out a cinema in Melbourne, Australia has also rented out a cinema in Sydney, Australia if you feel like joining us at 3am.
Austria Vienna Event Link - HurghtRS
Belarus Minsk Event Link Official Secret Shop, bars , cosplay & sponspors giveaway. Velcom Cinema & Galileo Silver Screen RestorKa
Brazil Belo Horizonte Event Link - We will broadcast every game, including group stages, at WASD eSports Bar in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. For the finals we are planning a big event with giveaways and x1 with pros and semi-pros. The tickets are R$ 10,00 and you can check it out here. Urso_WASD
Brazil Porto Alegre Event Link - Venha assistir a final do The International 2018 ao vivo, em um telão, na Lends Club! Teremos comida, chopp e premios! Come watch The International 2018 finals on a big screen, at Lends Club! We'll have food, draft beer and prizes for atendees! esportsPOA
Canada London Event Link - We will once again host @ The Squire Pub & Grill in London, ON, CAD. RGBKnights
Canada Ottawa Event Link - At Click eSports Sat, 25 August 2018 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT. Ticket types to only watch or to also use gaming PCs at same time (note that I am not the organizer) Cote-de-Bone
Canada Toronto - Join us again this year at the Cineplex Yonge and Dundas! We’ve always sold out every year for the pubstomp and the crowd is always awesome! Need more information? Information and tickets are on our event page and you can join the Canada Dota 2 group. Some ticket packages are limited in quantities, so if you can't purchase a specific ticket, it means that it has been sold out. chibista
Denmark Copenhagen Event Link - Cinema viewing party for the Lower Bracket Final and Grand Final of TI8 on 25. august 2018. 17:45-04:00 CET (or whenever it ends) with competitions, giveaways, free Coca-Cola at entrance, hosts, entertainment and a great atmosphere. Panel, interviews, and ceremony will all be broadcasted as well. OlLi_-
Estonia Tartu - Hey! I'm organising a pubstomp in Tartu, Estonia. No ticket and proper pub food at the pub Illegaard. More info can be found at our FB event. dekamano
Finland Helsinki - in co-operation with Aalto Gamers are organizing a viewing party in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Espoo, Otaniemi to be precise). You can get there very easily by metro from Helsinki. Come enjoy the final day of TI8 with us! There's gonna be pizza & soft drinks available for free + there's a grocery store and a grill close by to the venue phzgames
Finland Jyväskylä Event Link - There's one here organized by JeSSe Ry: Jyväskylä, Finland. Ilokivi onstage. Facebook link for the event: This is 18+ event. Hallunder
Germany Karlsruhe Event Link - Since we have successfully hosted Germany’s biggest Dota 2 public viewing for a couple of years now, we want to try meet the expectations this year once again. We will be broadcasting the grand finals on August 25th on the AKK tribune starting at 7pm. There, we want to collectively experience the biggest spectacle in this Dota 2 year with all the fans from near and far. Not only Dota 2 players but also DotA veterans, Dota 2 newbies and everyone who wants to get to know the phenomenon Dota are welcome to join us. spcemarine
Germany Regensburg Event Link - The 4th year in a row we are organizing the Dota TI finals public viewing in the old town of Regensburg. The event will take place at Picasso Regensburg. Starting time is 18:00 at the 25th of august. Like the last years the entrance is free, we have a pubquiz and MEGA Dota related drink specials. This year we also organized a Fotobox (thanks to the Gamerverein Regensburg) were you can take fotos with your favourite Dota heroes or even become one yourself! For further details you can look up the event page or contact us via facebook. Kryptondifluorid
Hong Kong Hong Kong Event Link - Location is still to be determined. Dota2 HK is hosting one on Grand Finals Day. Aug 25, 10pm HK Time. cybuster2
India Delhi NCR Event Link - Dota 2 Delhi pubstomp is back sunnydiv
Ireland Dublin Event Link - It's in the same pub as previous years. Strictly 18+ unfortunately. Hopefully can get added to the list. KC252
Netherlands Amsterdam Event Link - Confirmed to broadcast as many of the games as possible, even after official closing times. No Facebook event yet. Razorya
Netherlands Rotterdam Event Link - Pretty sure there is one in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I'm not sure it's a "pubstomp" but they're supposed to be hosting something. justanothrunistudent
Russia Saint-Petersburg - Organizing pubstomp 6th time in awesome theatre with lounge zone, secret shop, 1x1 tournament and other stuff. Come to us on 25th of august finargot
Singapore Singapore Event Link - Singapore's one's at SAFRA Yishun, main atrium. Minimum spending of S$5 as per the post, for snacks pass. Cannot go because i booked a hotel somewhere else. nekosake2
Singapore Singapore Event Link - 2nd one is at Singtel Comcentre, with PMS nekosake2
South Africa Cape Town Event Link I think there's something happening in Cape Town (South Africa), I'm definitely gonna attend it :D meeposki
South Africa Johannesburg Event Link - Sparky_Naartjie
Sweden Stockholm - I'm not entirely sure, but I believe it's an 18+ event. burger_stand
Thailand Bangkok Event Link - Not sure if this counted as pubstomp but we are having one in Bangkok, Thailand. Sponsored by Lenovo Thailand. It will be hosted at Siam Pavalai Theatre on the 6th floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall. Aug 25-26 10pm-10 am local time. Rawinza555
Thailand Bangkok Event Link - Another BIGGEST PUBSTOMP in BKK THAILAND is held by INVATE, Esport Specialist in Thailand (The best Live Broadcasting), who will bring the best experience to all Dota 2 fans!! discotechssss
Ukraine Odessa Event Link - there is pubstomp in Odessa, Ukraine if anyone even cares
United Kingdom London Event Link - This event is pending and not finalized JawnisBritish
United Kingdom London - We are having one at the Carlsberg Esports bar in central London with free entry, food and drinks available and more to be announced. BanKseSports
United Kingdom Manchester Event Link - Over 18s only (they are Casino venues) epicWinbar
United Kingdom Newcastle-upon-Tyne Event Link - Over 18s only (they are Casino venues) epicWinbar
United Kingdom Reading South Event Link - Over 18s only (they are Casino venues) epicWinbar
USA Acton - Considering doing deals on pizza, apps, and Beer if we can get anyone out there. 85" TV and 6 TV'ss total in the sports bar. Pictures on Facebook. At this point its just me and my one friend. renorhino88
USA Baltimore Event Link - Hey, representing the Baltimore one as well! This event is 21+, food specials. It's the fourth year we've participated! Seanbiscuit
USA Chicago Event Link - If you're 18+ in Chicago and want to watch Grand Finals surrounded by fellow fans, come out to a FanHome hosted International watch party at Hi-Point, the gaming lounge of Highline in River North on Saturday, August 25th. Tickets are sold above, each ticket provides you entrance to the bar, food, giveaways from FanHome's beverage partner, and enters you into a raffle. Jayhawk2b
USA Cincinnati Event Link - I’m proud to announce the official TI8 Pubstomp this year in Cincinnati! I’ve been working with the owners of 16-Bit Bar+Arcade. We have a great venue setup, with our own reserved seating to accommodate however many people show up. We'll even have a signature drink just for the occasion! Please be sure to tell your friends and family (even those who haven’t watched or played DotA – they might leave a fan!).This event is for guests 21 and over, so please keep that in mind. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and please RSVP if you plan on attending. Banana___Hammock
USA Houston Event Link - The International 8 Watch Party on August 25th In Houston, TX! Whether you love Dota, or have never seen a game this is going to be a great party for all gamers! We will have special guests, vendors, raffles, drink specials, food, hookah stands and much more! We will be raffling off a Hyper X gamer setup including a Mechanical Keyboard, Mouse, and Headset! LotharThrowaway
USA Medina Event Link - Welcome to the 6th year of me hosting Dota pubstomps in Medina Ohio. Last year was a great turnout but after many people saying that it was too small i looked for a new place again. Luckily the place i hosted in 2016 is back and that's where we are this year. As always the event is open to anyone of any age and no cover charge! I just strongly encourage anyone who attends to Eat and Drink there as they are giving us the place for the whole day for free. theaxel11
USA Oakland Cafe el Patio - In Oakland, California is going be showing everything from the group stages to the Main event finals! Address is 4030 International Blvd, Oakland CA. There is limited seating but there are three TVs. typicalhonduran
USA Sacramento Event Link - Come watch The International 8 at my house! Join us for our second annual Pubstomp! We host Friday and Saturday and setup a LAN party in the dining room to play between matches. Fairfield is located directly between San Francisco and Sacramento (North-East bay). Last year we had six viewers. Please RSVP so we can plan for food and message you the exact address. Amenities include: 75" 4k UltraHD stream with Pioneer 5.1 Surround Sound, Pizza, Beer, Nachos and More, Couches, Enthusiasm, Fast Internet, 420 Friendly josher777
USA Seattle Event Link - If you're over 21 and are in the Seattle area during TI, @FollowMe has organized a pubstomp in Capitol Hill for Saturday, August 25th. Sketches_Stuff_Maybe
USA Washington Event Link - Join us at Tenley Bar and Grill to watch the finals on their projection screen. This event is ALL AGES and cosplay is encouraged. There will be giveaways throughout the day of some Dota2 swag as well as 3 full event tickets for GEXCon ( coming up at the end of the month. dmr83457
Vietnam Hanoi Pending details from 23 Creative VN ptaqll5
Vietnam Hai Phong City Event Link - Time 21:00 , day 25 / 08 , location : 21 Trần Hưng Đạo Street - Vườn Xuân Coffee butchimau_hp_95
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Event Link - Watch their full HD video for the event: ptaqll5
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Event Link - Time: 21 h00 day 25/8-10 h00 day 26/8, location: Restaurant 68 lộc shots, number 213 to theme, Ward 15, District 10, TP. Ho Chi Minh. All details, please contact MEGA esports gaming house at 0909791809 ptaqll5
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PS: Also still hoping Valve would ship this merch out to us pubstomp organizers :D
PS: Discount on ticket fees on, pm me for details.
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Things To Do: Jan 21st to 27th

Hi guys - before we move forward with the weekly things to do post, we wanted to provide some clarity on why a new account is creating this post and provide the community with some information about who we are and how this came about. We’ll keep this intro brief for the sake of getting to what you actually came here for, finding cool things to do this week! We are 4 childhood friends (and are all Redditors as well), who grew up living and hanging out in Toronto. We realized every time we hung out we ended up at the same places because it was far too cumbersome to find anything else, and even though we wanted to explore new things, it just felt easier to go somewhere familiar. We decided we’d try our hand at creating something that makes discovering new things to do easy, and over the last few years and countless of hours later, we created the ExploreTO app. We really admired the daily things to do posts, and also aspired to contribute to the Reddit community in a way that is aligned with our passion project. Our focus on event research has been increasing over the last several months and when we saw that the mods have started doing the posts, we reached out to see if there was a way we can contribute. We are very delighted that the mods gave us the opportunity to create these weekly posts on a trial basis, and we hope you enjoy them! We also wanted to get ahead of some questions that you may be wondering about:
How will this affect me as a user who frequently uses these posts?
It won’t. We wanted to be transparent in this post because we know the passing of the torch may be confusing. We hope to maintain a great and consistent experience with these posts and improve it further over time based on feedback from the community.
We don’t want these posts to turn into anything but what they have always been: a community generated post that captures the best things happening in Toronto.
So what’s in it for you?
To be frank, these posts take quite a bit of time a week to compile, especially if you aren’t already doing it for another purpose (we are, for our app). We thought it might be mutually beneficial to the community for us to generate these posts as we’re already doing a lot of event research. The community will get a weekly things to do thread that is continuously updated & improved, and we will get exposure for our app. We will never be impartial to events that “benefit us”, this will not only be true in the Reddit threads we post, but also in the app itself. We see our job as finding the best things to do based on the merit of the events themselves. We will never post affiliate or sponsored links on Reddit, however, if the community believes we’re doing a good job, we would be happily welcome anyone to check out our app.
Closing thoughts
Just like the app was created as a passion project, these posts will only be a continuation of said project. We have no clue how far the app will go and we’ve already spent thousands of hours working on it with nothing earned but the joy of a few positive reviews on the app store. We will however, ask you – the community, for one thing: if you enjoy these posts or derive some benefit from them, occasionally, please let us know. Between our day jobs and our evening passion project that is this app, we’re running on fumes and positive reinforcement. This is the first and last time we will add this intro on the post. We will link to it in the next few so that anyone who may have missed it can still access it. If you have any questions, please go ahead and ask. Hope you enjoy this week's post!

Monday Jan 21
Burdock Piano Fest 2019 @ Burdock | 7PM | Free
Do or Die Open Mic @ The Corner Comedy Club | 8PM | $5
DesignTO Talks: Tiffany Pratt @ Relative Space | 6PM | Free
Tuesday Jan 22
Raptors vs. Sacramento Kings @ Scotiabank Arena | 7PM | $63+
DesignTO Talks: Uncovering Canadian Design @ EQ3 | 6:30PM | Free
The Office Toronto Trivia! @ Dublin Calling | 8PM
Free Coding Workshop @ HackerYou | 6:15PM | Free
Art Battle Toronto @ Great Hall Toronto | 7:30PM | $10+
Tinder Tales: Drunk Dating @ Gladstone Hotel | 8PM | $12
Free Bollywood Dance Classes @ Sony Centre | 6-7PM | Free
Wednesday Jan 23
Leafs vs. Washington Capitals | @ Scotiabank Arena | 7:30PM | Tickets Available
Work/Life Exhibition @ Umbra Store | 6PM | Free
Star Wars: A New Hope Concert @ Roy Thompson | 7:30 PM, Wed-Sat | $56+
Miso Making Workshop @ Skippa | 6PM | $50
Off The Rails @ Comedy Bar | 9:30PM | $7
Thursday Jan 24
Free Skate Rental Thursdays @ The Bentway Skate Trail | 5-9PM | Free
Above & Beyond @ Rebel | 10PM | $76+
DesignTO Tours: Deloitte @ 22 Adelaide St W | 1:30PM | Free
DesignTO: The Future of Work @ 180 John St | 4PM | $30
Arts & Minds: Sculpting Our Stories @ Aga Khan Museum | 6:30PM | Free
Friday Jan 25
Winterlicious @ Various locations | Starts today - on until Feb 7
Friday Night Live: DinoNite @ ROM | 7PM | $19
Winter 2019 Opening Party @ Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery | 8PM | Free
Kung Fu Fridays @ TIFF | Starts today! On until April 12th
Airship Distillery District Bachata Party @ KizzMe | 8PM | $18
Saturday Jan 26
DJ Skate Nights @ Harbourfront | 8PM | Free
Winter Craft Beer Festival @ Roundhouse Park | 11AM | $25
Après Skate Saturdays /w free Kahlua, Coffee, Hot Chocolate @ The Bentway Skate Trail | 5PM | Free
Daft Punk Party @ Sneaky Dee's | 10PM | $5
Panic: 80's & 90's Video Dance Party @ Remix Lounge | 10PM | $10
Clams Casino @ Velvet Underground | 10PM | $26
Angela Zhang Live @ Sony Centre | 7PM | $156+
Pathways to Sustainability Conference @ MaRS | 8:30AM | $34
Sunday Jan 27
Mick Jenkins @ Mod Theatre | 8PM | $29
Winner Everywhere Tour [k-pop] @ Sony Centre | 8PM | $88+
Church Street Comedy @ Pegasus | 8PM | Free
Vision Boarding + Intention Setting Workshop @ Lululemon Queen W | 1PM | $30

Ongoing Events
Winterlicious @ Various locations | Starts Friday - on until Feb 7th
Festival of Lights @ Distillery District | on until March 3rd
DesignTO Festival @ Various locations | on until Jan 27th
Winter Light Exhibition @ Ontario Place | on until Mar 17th
Happy Place Toronto @ Harbourfront | on until Jan 27th
Light Therapy @ MOCA | on until Feb 10th
Black History Month @ Various locations | Starts Friday - on until Feb 28th
Contemporary Art Exhibit, Pay what you can @ Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) | On Until Feb 13
ROM, free admission for post-secondary students @ The ROM | Every Tues
Gardiner Museum, free admission for post-secondary students @ Gardiner Museum | Every Tues
Aga Khan Museum, free admission @ Agha Khan Museum | Every Wed
Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), free admission @ Art Gallery of Ontario | Every Wed
Bata Shoe Museum, pay what you can @ Bata Shoe Museum | Every Thurs
Gardiner Museum, half price @ Gardiner Museum | Every Fri

Winter Fun Ideas
Skating | Map listing of all of Toronto's rinks
Indoor Activities | A list of fun indoor things to do
Winter Hiking | Top trails suited for winter hiking
Spa Escape | 10 ideas for spa escapes

We also post on Instgram, so if you'd like additional things to do ideas, you can check us out @exploreTOapp
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